Full Service

We are able to supply install a full service for your business from fibre broadband to the latest Draytek™ routers and Ubiquiti™ Access Points pre-installed with our custom firmware.

Friendly Support

We are on hand when you need us for installation and network queries. We are also able to monitor network stats to make sure your clients get a smooth service.

Full Control

Once we have built a starter splash page, you have full control to edit your splash page to best advertise your business. As soon as we start, your MailChimp account is up and running and collecting email addresses for your first campaign.

Social Wi-Fi

Nowadays, it is not sufficient – as a business – to hand our your Wi-Fi key to customers and let them surf.

A rogue computer on your network could cause damage to your EPoS systems and music streaming and you have no idea who is online at any time.

Our service logs users in individually using facebook / other social media accounts or email and isolates each user from each other and your network – keeping everyone safe, and allowing you to keep tabs on their internet use. Dangerous websites and content are automatically filtered out.

And, when it comes to email or social media marketing, you already have all your users’ details so you can look after your good customers with offers or coupons.

Dedicated Back Up

Meet The Team


Our system allows logins from 9 global social media providers – and may be customized to use other networks. If you are a bar or restaurant, you will probably want integration with Facebook.

On logon the customer’s name and email address (possibly birthday and picture – depending on what the person has chosen to share with Facebook) are noted in a database. The terms and conditions can be made mandatory for connection so under new EU data laws the person may be added to an email list and – as long as any email contains an unsubscribe button – you can send them promotional materials.

You can also invite customers to check-in with Facebook or like your Facebook page – if they wish to.

For business users a LinkedIn provides a more formal method of authentication.

Planning the Project

We sit down with you, decide how many access points you need and where to place them for the best signal. We then build a basic "Splash Page" for your customers to log in to. When you are up and running you may change this often to advertise up and coming events or put forward your corporate message. If you have EPoS systems or AV equipment that uses the internet we can plan fenced off subnets for these addresses

End to End Detail

Why give your customers poor Wi-Fi speeds - if you are still using standard ADSL broadband we can upgrade to single or double line Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) VDSL Broadband with speeds of up to 156 megabits per second. If you are running a hotel with business clientelle, your customers will simply not accept a slow or unreliable connection when they are working.

Top Quality Networking Equipment

Ubiquiti Access Points and Draytek Routers are provided and maintained as standard. If your networking load increases we have flexibility built in to handle extra capacity.

Planning the project
End to End Detail
Top Quality Networking Equipment

Utilise the marketing power of your Wi-Fi

Treat your customers like gold

Our integrated system makes it simple to mass e-mail your customers and reach them directly every time they log on – via the Splash Page

When you sign up to our system, we create – for you – a MailChimp account. Each time a new user logs on and ticks the T+Cs box, their email address will be added to your mailing list. In line with new EC regulations full GDPL compliance is ensured throughout the process. All you have to do is design your marketing campaign. And we can be on hand to help with that process; from original photography and media assets to help with compliance and opt-outs in your e-mail release.

Keep your customers personal information safe

Integrated system

We use NAT groups to ensure customers cannot reach each other’s devices or the main network at your business.

You maintain full control of how much data your customers are using, you can set limits for aggregate and individual bandwidth so your connection will never be maxed out or compromised by illegal activity

Working Hours

Mon-Fri 9:00am to 5:00pm


+44 (0) 1243 855700


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